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Black Dawg got a whole lotta love from The Alley.

  • Black Dawg Gallery and Spotify Playlist

  • Celebrity Waiter Night

  • The Mason Jars Official Amp the Alley Music Video

  • Poll: How do you feel about bagged chairs?


Aiken finally got its first taste of Black Dawg and its full band experience - and they DELIVERED! John Kelley and company dropped two very solid sets with a brief pause so the audience and band could both catch their breath.

By song two I was impressed with John's vocal range even though he had barely tapped into it by that point. I also was intrigued when I started picking up traces of Chris Cornell - and to my delight it was displayed in full with Hunger Strike. Black Dawg packed The Alley and it stayed packed all night long.

Check out the gallery!

Bud Light is the OFFICIAL SPONSOR of Amp the Alley.

I included their playlist in the previous article, but given how great their performance was, I say it warrants repeating. Take a listen to Black Dawg's Self Titled Album on Spotify! You may be itching to hear about UGA's brother, the Swamp Dawg!

I feel I probably don't often enough speak to the professionalism of the bands, so this is the folks and venues booking bands, and the spectator who likes a little inside baseball. The mix of their set list covered the hits that everyone is familiar with, while not being strictly Led Zeppelin, which comfortably provided room for their originals once the audience had been captured and trusted them. Black Dawg set up early, had very controlled sound that was impressive but not too loud, carefully managed by their Ruskin who ran sound for them. They checked sound and had house music running plenty early, and had their own lights for when nature doused her own. You want to book this band!

Celebrity Waiter Night

It's Celebrity Waiter Night, and some of our sponsors are participating. Neon Fig, The Red Door, and Whiskey Alley are all joining in to help with this most worthy cause. Even if you don't make it to our sponsors eateries specifically, this charitable event is worth visiting any of those involved. Last year the event raised a record


It would be incredible to help them beat that number this year! Each restaurant will feature folks from our community who are volunteering to be the service staff and all of the tips go to the Children's Place. Also, you are are welcome to directly donate and participate in the raffle.

This Week - Impulse Ride

This week we've got Cam and Ruskin returning to the Bud Light Stage with Impulse Ride, who you will probably recognize from King Size. These guys love playing live music and have as many bands as it takes to keep them playing. They always crush aren't going to want to miss this one.

Electric Eats is a sponsor of Amp the Alley.

The Mason Jars - Live from Amp the Alley

Here is another video from The Mason Jars - Live from the Bud Light Stage. These videos turned out great. Take a peek over at their Youtube page and give them a follow!

Bagged Chairs

Black Dawg showed us we can squeeze more people into The Alley than we thought. Now, some have said that bag chairs make it difficult to stand and enjoy the band or potentially to navigate The Alley. I'll be completely transparent here - I've given it thought since last year and still have yet to come up with any ideas to make it better. If you have any thoughts on the matter, feel free to email us at I'll keep musing over it.

One of the better ideas I think that could help, is to use the "inside the bricks" stage area for chairs in order to alleviate some congestion in The Alley itself.

I would ask, stay aware of how much space you leave between a structure and your chair if you are at the end of a line. For example, from the corner of Mellow Mushroom at the Bee Lane and The Alley intersection, the chairs spread Northward in a line towards the Southbound exterior bar. This left about a singular person's space to walk through, including strollers, wheelchairs, families, and dogs.

We want you to be comfortable when watching the show, but we want EVERYONE in The Alley to be comfortable. So we ask to use a little spatial reasoning, consideration, and discretion when placing you chairs.

How do you feel about the bag chairs at Amp The Alley?

  • I think it is a great way to enjoy the show.

  • I think they get in the way and can be organized better.

  • I don't think much about them either way.

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