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Keith Gregory brings big smiles to Amp the Alley


We were lucky to have local legend Keith Gregory on the Bud Light stage this past week. Armed with a guitar and probably the biggest smile in the CSRA, Keith covered hits spanning decades and genres. His set list may be one of the most diverse you have ever heard. What radio station would you play in a single sitting: Clapton, Marley, Al Green, Jimmy Buffet, Prince, Jim Croce, Marvin Gaye, Eagles, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Van Morrison, The Temptations, Steve Miller Band, Billy Joel, and Tom Petty? He sprinkled in some of his originals throughout the evening as well. I've joked for years about the workhorse that is Keith Gregory, and after all this time he still didn't disappoint. Each song just ran into the next, and the next, and the next, and the next. Other musicians standing near me as I was picking my shots said, "Good lord, does he ever take a break?" He does, but not for the first 2 hours! The man is a human jukebox. Sun in his face, sweat on his back, smile on his face—song after song after song. It's hard not to love watching a man do what he loves.

Check out the gallery!

Bud Light is the OFFICIAL Sponsor of Amp the Alley

This Week - Zombo

This week we will have Zombo lighting up the Alley for us! It's been a long time coming to get these guys out here, and I've personally been trying to get Shawn Woodward and the gang out here. 1: Because I love them. 2: I think you will too! If you're my age or older, you have definitely seen Shawn and Steve with Anybody's Guess at (name any event in Aiken, venue in the CSRA, all the way to Skyline in Columbia).

Zombo is the very best at Classic Rock from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Check out this sampling below. Note - Shawn (Lead guitar and vocals) may be the only guy from this video to show up Thursday. Wait, that's not true, Brian Gibson will for sure be there, but its a coin toss whether he is playing or just enjoying the show. It would be sweet if Marty Brittain showed up (in the audience or on stage), but I think Steve Davis is drumming. Like I always say, I love all my musician friends because they are such a tight knit group, but sometimes I even have trouble remembering who is playing with who. Hell, Kenny George shows up in this video too and sounds as surprised as anybody there to end up on stage!


Nerdy tech bit for you here, and this is for all of the folks who ask or post asking why we don't show examples of every band. This video is single camera, maybe an action camera of some sort, and the sound is from the on camera microphone, which is taking in the speakers that are pointed the other direction. That's why Marty's drums are so much louder. The videos I've been sharing of The Mason Jars were multiple cameras recording with their on-camera mics also, but they also ran all of the band's sound equipment through a separate recorder that records everyone's track separately. During the edit, you take the separately recorded sound and layer it onto the video. All of which takes time and skill plus equipment which requires money. Sorry to get in the weeds with the tech stuff, but

I tell you all of this for 2 reasons:

First: It's so hard being a musician and then people expect them to also be a videographer, producer, social media guru, rigger, sound engineer, lighting engineer and more. They aren't asking you to play a pentatonic scale before you type a comment.

Second: This video gives a good feel of the style and genre, but I'm telling you, you've got to experience live to truly FEEL IT.

More Free Music

Christine's Farm to Fork Patio has a lengthy Summer Entertainment series. Frist I have to say respect, because a concert series this long is a lot to put together and maintain! But also, wanted to let you all know some of our Folks will be out there! Dave "Muz" Mercer - June 8 Keith Gregory - June 22

Doug and the Henrys - June 29

Whiskey Run - September 7

Support Live Local Music!

My secret weapon!

I've got to take a moment to give a shout out to fellow ginger and music lover - the lovely Karen Bunney! Not only is Karen a SUPERFAN - you can always find her front row at Amp the Alley, but she is also my secret weapon and it is time I give her the credit she is due. I honest can't remember if I've made this admission before, so if I have, I make no apologies because it probably deserves it a few more times. If you watch while I shoot, its highly likely you'll catch me singing along while I'm taking my pictures. That being said, most of that is seemingly subconscious for me. You may catch me a bourbon or two deep after the show and I'll admittedly only be able to name a couple of the songs if you ask me. Every week as I'm writing this thing, I have to go to my tried and true source - Karen! She always posts about the shows, but most impressively, can damn near quote the entire set list to you.

Thank you for being a fan and supporter, Karen, and, most importantly, thank you for doing my job better than I do. I imagine I'd look pretty silly without you! Matter of fact - thank you to my whole front row crew - Lisa, Sherie, Karen, Doc! You all rock!

New Place for Karaoke Downtown

Electric Eats will now have karaoke on Friday nights with Kyla Maul. This is the same karaoke DJ who hosts on Thursdays and Saturdays at Southbound Smokehouse. Kyla doesn't do your typical VFW style karaoke - no slight if that's your thing. Kyla's karaoke is high energy with popular dance songs between each singer. Kyla brings big crowds, high energy, and fun times. If singing is not your thing, there's beer pong too! Thursdays after Amp you can continue the party with DJ Charlie Z, from 9 till midnight, downstairs. Grab a pitcher of Bud Light and a couple of jello shots and let loose. If that isn't enough, check out the live music upstairs every other Saturday. Grab a snack off of the late-night food truck. Be sure to follow Electric Eats. Their awesome staff and leadership are always coming up with new ways to make The Alley the place to hang out at.

Aiken Eats is a proud sponsor of Amp the Alley
Amp the Alley Sponsor

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