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Perpetually Groovy Bodega Cat

This Week:

  • Will McCranie & Brock Butler Gallery

  • Black Dawg Album on Spotify

  • The Mason Jars Music Video


Will McCranie (Bodega Cat) and Brock Butler (Perpetual Groove) were armed with an arsenal of boards and pedals when they took to the Bud Light Stage last Thursday, so that they could squeeze every last ounce of soul, groove, heart, whines, and even percussion out of their two guitars and one slide. It was Brock's first appearance at Amp, and we certainly hope it's not his last.

You can catch Bodega Cat at Stillwater Taproom on 5/31

Broken Compass (Promotions by Will McCranie) - Angie Aparo on 6/15



Check out this performance by Black Dawg at Rock Fore Dough this year.

Black Dawg has the Alley buzzing with excitement to see a Led Zeppelin Tribute band. Deke Wiggins (guitar) says to expect about 50% Zep, 25% non-zep, and 25% of their own originals from their self titled album released last year - and they are getting ready to work on another album this year.

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This will be Black Dawg's first full band performance in Aiken. They've played a stripped down show at Southbound without Charlie Fair (drummer), but now are excited to bring the full roster!

Many of you will probably recognize Cam Ball (Bass) from "King Size" as an Amp Alum, as well as another project with Cam and Ruskin, "Impulse Ride" is hitting the Bud Light Stage next week, May 23.

If you have been listening to music in the Aiken area, you should also be familiar with John Kolbeck (John Kolbeck). He was a mainstay at the Aiken Hotel for years. Adding to their musical pedigree is the lead singer and Robert Plant emulator, John Kelley - eldest brother of Charles (Lady Antebellum) and Josh Kelley (Solo Artist and husband to Katherine Heigl).


Do you remember when The Mason Jars performed earlier this year, and their buddy had all of his cameras set up? Andy said they were recording their live show and some of those videos are now out - and they turned out great. Subscribe to the Mason Jars Youtube Channel to see more from these talented guys. They currently have 207 subscribers at the time of this writing - lets see if a little love from The Alley can give that number a nudge - or a shove. It's the least we can do for the 32 weeks of FREE MUSIC we get to enjoy in The Alley of the best little southern town of Aiken.

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What an Spectacular Website, I feel like I am at a Concert ! Pictures are Awesome also !

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