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Summer Road Trip Down Memory Lane With Shep & Jeff


Shep and Jeff are an effortless hang and an effortless duo.

Jason and Jeff have been buddies and bandmates for a seriously long time. If you didn't see the video from last week's write-up, do yourself a favor and check out that oldie and goodie. They have been in multiple bands together, sat in as replacements for bands they were never in, and have just been jamming together all across the CSRA. It's not hard to imagine the recorded cassette tapes with "summer road trip" scrawled in permanent marker on the front, laying in piles with others just like it, labeled, "beach trip", "awesome", " '73", "Dead", etc, on the floorboard of Shep's car. The windows are down and Jeff's hair is blowing all over the place as he shuffles through the tapes to find the perfect tune to play next, as they make their way down the road to the epic concert they are going to. That's what their set list feels like to me - and I love it.

Adding a Billy Strings tribute to Howard - HOLO123 - was perfect, as they strummed through all of their favorites from the Dead, Jimmy Buffet, Allman Brothers, Stealers Wheel, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Eagles, Willie, Marley, and Prince. I bet those road trips were awesome. In true Amp fashion, we picked up a surprise artist, Chip Herring, who popped in and added some Cajon to the mix. If you'd like the hear more from Shep, here are a couple of his solo dates coming up: 6/22 Doc's Porchside Grovetown 8-10pm

6/30 Taco Cat Sunday Brunch 12:00-2:30pm

Check Out The Gallery!

Next on the Bud Light Stage - Easily Amused!

I met these guys when I photographed the Major Rager back in 2022, and they were opening for the Future Birds. They had so many people screaming for them, I thought they were the Futurebirds. I had no idea I had just caught the local opener, and that we had a local band rocking like this. These guys are an awesome band and they are just the nicest guys. I told the Drummer, Ben Turner, that I had to get them to Amp, and last year we finally made it happen, and I am so excited that they are coming back! This is a high-energy, high-talent show. Check out this video from Easily Amused!

Moose's Dinner

It occurred to me AFTER I crushed some dinner at Electric Eats, that I should be letting you all know about the fare offered by our partners at Amp the Alley. Why haven't I been doing this all along? Sometimes the natural lighting of the sun, as it works its way left to right across the stage before settling into the sweet spot "golden hour", doesn't always coincide with my appetite or how busy the kitchens may be at the time. Sometimes when I get my moment, everyone else in The Alley felt it was their moment too. Who am I to stake claim to my moment? Sometimes, though, it just works out and it did this past Thursday.

A quick glance over the menu, and I noticed some menu items had changed since the last time I ate at Electric Eats. Do I crush a couple of apps, an app and an entree, just an entree? I'm sorry to inform you, that you will never get a salad review out of me. I'm a meat and taters kinda Irish guy, know what I mean?

I finally settled on the French Dip Burger. First of all - did you know we could eat a hamburger with AU JUS! I had never considered it. Who knew? Marvin knew, or maybe Marvin guessed as Chefs sometimes do, and he was right! Something about each dip into the au jus made the garlic aioli explode in juxtaposition to the salty, brothy, meat juice. The melty cheese and caramelized onions... man, it was good. Paired with the perfectly crisped waffle fries, thanks for introducing us Chick-Fil-A but Electric Eats has perfected them, it was exactly the meal I didn't know I was looking for. I absolutely recommend you give this burger a try. This week I'll try and remember to snap a pic before I eat the whole thing.

The Alley Downtown Taproom is a proud sponsor of Amp the Alley.
Amp the Alley Sponsor

Farmer's Market in The Alley

Don't forget, we've got 1 week left of the Farmer's Market in the Alley. Snacks, Clothes, Vegetables, Carvings, Books, Jewelry, and more from local businesses, farms, and artisans. #shoplocal #supportlocal

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Wow, I thought Shep and Jeff were awesome, and together they really are amazing together !

This weeks band Easily Amused is going to be out of this World ! I saw the video, and it so creative I thought and so are You !

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