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The Alley gets baptized by the soothing Rae's Creek Revival.


We got good weather for Rae's Creek Revival. They are truly weathered Amp the Alley veterans, having played through rain, thick mist, and cold winds, but this past Thursday Mother Nature decided it was time they had a break. What a beautiful day! Rae's Creek Revival is such a perfect name for this trio - with the addition of Henry Wynn this week on fiddle, because their music is a revival for the soul. Whether it's Bryan Hatch singing "Rocket Man" while playing the acoustic guitar or Catherine Robertson singing "Homegrown Tomatoes", dwarfed by her standing bass perfectly complimented by the banjo or mandolin played by Luke Teague, these comforting tunes will wash away any burdens the week has piled on you. The combination of these ingredients is what Luke calls "sweet grass" and it will cure whatever ails you.

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This week on the Bud Light Stage -

One of the coolest part about Amp the Alley is variety of music from week to week. This week The Alley will be treated to Big Band Sound in a mellow, medium band package. Stephen Kneece and his band of brass kicking band mates play everything from shag, beach music to Otis Redding. Loud, crisp horns and tasty guitar licks will carry you through the decades of everyone's favorite tunes.

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There is a reason everyone loves The Alley - it is Aiken. Not saying that there is anything wrong with an Outback and an Applebees, but they are not Aiken. At least a trip to the southwest will see pine trees replaced with cacti, but these cookie cutter restaurants are the same no matter your longitude or latitude.

So Whiskey Alley, one of our truly unique and treasured establishments in Aiken, has decided to keep with that tradition with another refreshingly special offering. Their Happy Hour is the rival to the bland, domesticated happy hours found all across our country. Enjoy amazing deals on both craft beverages and hand crafted cuisine. Whiskey Alley's Rush Hour is from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm every Tuesday through Friday. This provides the perfect warm up for every Amp the Alley on Thursdays. Grab a nibble and a beer and a buddy. You can even go ahead and fill up with their Triple B - A beer, a bourbon, and burger deal! Make a reservation today!

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