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Amp the Alley is Back for the 2024 Season!

Updated: Feb 29

Amp the Alley 2024 Presented by Bud Light

***If you are subscribed to our text services, you were the first to see this schedule!***

Our favorite time of the year - which is most of it - is back! What an exciting time for The Alley and Downtown Aiken! There have been a lot of changes in our down time. We'll get into that in a few, but lets check out who we have booked so far! Shep has got us booked up through August, and we are kicking off with THE KENNY GEORGE BAND


Amp the Alley has some new sponsors! Remember all of those changes we told you about? Some of those changes have come in the form of new restaurants in The Alley, and that means some new sponsors supporting FREE LIVE MUSIC for YOUR COMMUNITY. We'll highlight everyone over the weeks to come, but lets start out with one of our newest restaurants and sponsors - ELECTRIC EATS

The new remodeled front to Electric Eats on Laurens Street in Aiken, SC

It has taken the community some time to get over the loss of their beloved Brew Pub, but if anything is going to ease the sting, Electric Eats has got it figured out. The former two story, two bar watering hole has gotten bigger and badder by including a third bar - and it is open to the outside as well!

The new outside bar added by Electric Eats to The Alley in Aiken, SC

Listen to your live music and pony up to the new outside bar at Electric Eats! Gaze over the breathtaking landscape of two bars in your immediate eye sight. Grab and go, or pull up and chill.

Electric Eats remodeled interior on their new restaurant on Laurens Street in Aiken, SC.

The downstairs has gotten a make over with the removal of the familiar brewing tanks that used to stand sentry at the front of the hometown brewery. It's genuinely shocking how much space those things took up. I'm sure, like I did, you thought, "how would you even fit another bar downstairs and have any tables to sit at?" They figured it out.

The main bar downstairs at Electric Eats new restaurant on Laurens Street in Aiken, SC

If you are worried that you will be paying for all of these amazing changes by the way of over priced burgers - think again. This is an extremely affordable menu, with delicious pub style fare. Smash burgers, wings, shaved ribeye, salads, corn ribs and more. And we haven't even gotten to the INDOOR FOOD TRUCK! We'll save that for next time, but don't wait on us. Wander upstairs on the weekends and see what all of the fuss is about. You won't be disappointed!


Like I said in the beginning - if you are already one of our cellular groupies you got to see this schedule before anyone else. Before it was pasted to facebook, before it went out in an e-mail, before it even hit our website. Not only that, we've been known to throw out some pretty cool deals to the cellular groupies, or at least make you aware of the ones our sponsors are putting out there. Keep in touch, and text the word "amp" to 31996. Don't trust the algorithm. I've made posts about schedule changes, cancellations, and the likes and folks didn't see it on their feed until 3 days later. Don't miss out! I can't wait to see you all out there this year!

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Would love to see Traces of Our Youth band play the Alley

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