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Bethany and the Southside Boys bring wailing guitar and belting vocals to the Bud Light Stage!

Bethany and the Southside boys wowed The Alley with their covers and medley's last Thursday night. Keith Peterson's guitar wailed perfect harmonies to Bethany's powerful vocals - all to the perfect timing of Deveran's prodigious bass and Luke's crispy drums. The group masterfully covered classics across the decades, hip hop, soul, rock, pop, and folk. If you shook an Ipod like a magic 8 ball - this is what you'd get. And its Awesome! Paul Simon, Otis Redding, Sublime, Usher, Destiny's Child, Stevie Wonder, Chris Stapleton and more. They absolutely crushed it as a band, and at any moment it was another band members show. Each musician took some time to blast out an amazing solo and captivate all of the attention of The Alley, compelling spectators to walk from under the Budweiser umbrellas and up to the stage to leave a tip. Check out the Gallery!


The Red Door is throwing out some pretty sweet daily deals! 1st. On Tuesday, they are celebrating Takosu Tuesdays!

Chad is practically giving away his delicious, taco like Bao for $5 a piece.

Spam Masubi, Chicken, and Shrimp - all for just five dollars a piece!

Next is TWO types of special. Not only is Wednesdays the only day you can get his pork fried rice, but with 2 spring rolls on top, you can have the whole heaping plate of yum for just $10. It's hard to think of anything better to be washed down with their EXCLUSIVE

Red Door Rice Lager

Brewed by Savage Craft Ale Work.

Southbound Smokehouse is still packing the house after Amp with Karaoke by Kyla! Stop by on Fridays and Saturdays to see MORE LIVE MUSIC!

Electric Eats has a whole slew of fun to be had on Thursday nights! The DJ downstairs is bringing a change of pace from the bands in The Alley. The Food Truck upstairs is serving late night food after the rest of the kitchens have closed. Plus you have Jello-Shots, Bud Light Bucket Specials and Beer Pong upstairs. Dance downstairs while you wait in between the games happening upstairs.

Whiskey Alley is the perfect place to start every Amp the Alley with their fantastic Rush Hour Deals. From 4 - 5:30 enjoy deep cuts to food and drink prices. You can show back up at the end of the show for the best night cap downtown, or just keep the party going at SouthBound, Taproom, or Electric Eats.

This Week - Rae's Creek Revival

Rae's Creek Revival is the cleansing you need for your soul! The work week got you stressed out? Have your kids pushed you too far this time? Are you worried you don't have enough time for... well anything? You'll be shocked when you spend 3 hours of just relaxing and listening to comforting music that just evaporates your every concern. Even better, you won't even feel guilty about it. You're going to get up feeling refreshed and brand new!

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