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Muz brings locals and Masters tourists together at the Bud Light Stage.

Fan favorite, Dave "MUZ" Mercer brought his one man show to Amp the Alley this past Thursday. If you weren't there, I hope you were flying a kite somewhere, because the winds were ridiculous.

Armed with his guitar and loop pedal, Muz became a one man band on the stage. He belted out classics like 'Wanted Dead or Alive' and 'Whipping Post', with his songwriter's style and gravel, while onlookers sang along.

It's difficult for a group of 1 to captivate the attention of large crowds, but Dave was able to do it with ease. The rain managed to stay away until the very end of the show, but it was short lived, and the festivities spilled into Southbound Smokehouse, Electric Eats, The Alley Downtown Taproom, and Whiskey Alley. The fun never stops with the show, there is still revelry happening in The Alley until 2am! Just make sure you get the kiddos to bed. They should be good and worn out from all of the running around and smashing checker piece skyscrapers during the show.

Check out the show gallery!

Want to take a moment to shout out the AMP VIP's! Week after week you can find this crew right up front, ready for some great music! They also are the VIP's of social, always sharing pics and perspective from their point of view. They are the perfect embodiment of what this event is all about - community. Few things bring people together better than good music. Ice Cold Bud Lights don't hurt either.

What do you think of the new light on the back of the historic police wall?

  • I think its great

  • I'm not a fan

  • I haven't even noticed

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