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One of our sponsors is only charging half this Thursday!

One of the OG sponsors and founders of Amp the Alley is having a birthday this week - The Alley Downtown Taproom. 7 years of letting you sling your own craft beer in Downtown Aiken. Every year they love to celebrate big by offering 50% off of everyone's tab - who is wearing an OFFICAL The Alley Downtown Taproom Tee!

That guy got 50% off for rocking an OFFICIAL The Alley Downtown Taproom Tee!

Don't have a Tee? No problem, buy one this week or day of and still get this incredible deal! Even better, it's double the fun - because they are holding their party during Amp the Alley! This week we've got 'All The Things' performing on the Bud Light Stage, featuring the incredible talent of Brook Lundy and Keith Jenkins.

If you haven't stopped into The Alley Downtown Taproom yet, you are really missing out - especially during Amp the Alley. The western interior wall is like a living, interactive mural, covered in beer taps that you get to pour yourself! To make it easy the beer is organized by style and from light to dark. There are descriptions of the beers on the tablets above the tap, and these are the secret speak easy door to unlocking delicious beers. Just put your RFID bracelet (provided by the taproom and connected to your credit card) up to the tablet, light turns green, beer is ready to go. Unsure about all of the beers? Try a little of a lot of them. One of the other sweet features to this taproom, is the pricing is based by ounces. So you only have to pay for what you pour. Have yourself a sip - if you like it, you can pour some more. If you hate it, your frothy choose your own adventure continues on page 43.


Next week we are having Andy and Gang from The Mason Jars bringing the funk to the Bud Light Stage. These guys are always a blast. They are local legends and true Amp the Alley Veterans.

Pour some Americana in a mason jar, mix it with some folk and rock, then garnish it with grass both green and blue, and float some moonshine on top... that is whatever The Mason Jars is. Maybe they are just Augusta... and that's ok.

Check out this video from the Mason Jars HERE.



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