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All The Things Brings All The Smiles

The Alley was buzzing, and of course, it should have been. The pendulum is in it's upswing and the entire Alley is gelling again. The Bud Light Cart has always been a great and convenient spot to grab a cold one in front of the Taproom, but now you can scare one in front of TakoSushi and Southbound Smokehouse as well! Don't forget about Electric Eats walk up bar on the Lauren's end of The Alley - that one is open most days of the week.

The weather was amazing, and the perfect atmosphere for a former Star Search Champion, Brooke Lundy, and the guitar player for our own local legend, James Brown - Keith Jenkins. Folks may have noticed Dr, J (Whiskey Run, Radio Fade), and Brooks on the Bass (Kenny George Band). It was a talent filled stage, and it needed to be.

They opened with Fleetwood Mac, they sailed through some Smokey Robinson, then they rocked out to some ZZ Top and closed with a killer AC/DC. When they say All The Things, they mean it! Brooke's silky voices can flip like someone clicking a distortion petal when she needs to get raspy and add the ooomph we all love to feel.

Check out the Gallery!



This week we've got The Mason Jars out of Augusta. These guys always bring it. Pour some Americana in a mason jar, mix it with some folk and rock, then garnish it with grass both green and blue, and float some moonshine on top... that is whatever The Mason Jars is. Maybe they are just Augusta... and that's ok.

You may have seen them as a duo, you may have seen them as a trio, but you haven't really seen them until you ad Deveran and Henry for the full band experience.



Next Week, we will be having the very talented Dave "MUZ" Mercer on the Bud Light Stage! If your Master's Week feels too hectic, come see the show. Dave will wash a calm right over you. Mostly because he doesn't play too much of his metal anymore.



Thanks to everyone who came out to the HOLO Celebration of Life. Y'all made a huge showing and it meant a lot to the family. Here's to another season of awesome music dedicated to our friend - Howard - 123.

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