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The Experiment is a success at Amp the Alley!

I can still remember the Experiment's first show at Amp the Alley - and it was rough. Not because of any lack of quality, they had all of the right ingredients, but the elements were stacked against them. It was one of those long winters and they opened the season on a cold, bitter, and winter night. I don't think enough people had heard them yet to roll the dice and leave the protection of their warm blanket, curled up on a couch. Now, I think it would take the threat of a hurricane to keep folks away. I often brag how our bands reach multiple generations, fans of multiple genres, and folks with different investments into music as a whole, but The Experiment and the I-20 Horns is truly a band for EVERYONE. You may not find bands of Norwegian Death Metal fans in the crowd, but if they were, it would be hard for them to not at least tap their feet to songs.

A big band sample pack, they brought electric guitar, bass, trumpets, saxophone, trombone, drums, and even an accordion to the Bud Light Stage. If you get the chance to catch them around the CSRA, do yourself a favor and check em out! For now, check out the Gallery!

This Week - Will McCranie brings his buddy Brock Butler to the Bud Light Stage!

Will, of Bodega Cat, is teaming up with Brock, of Perpetual Groove to bring something new, mixed with a bonified Amp the Alley Alum. Expect some crunchy, groovy tunes out of these two!

Last Thursday one of our new sponsors had their official ribbon cutting and the opening was grand -

Godzilla officially cuts the ribbon for The Red Door.

The Red Door: Sake + Kitchen.

They have been open and serving food since January, while quietly perfecting their art all the while. As these things go, it took them a while to sort out all of the alcohol licenses, and now that it is all finally in order they have officially declared they are grand and open! Chef Chad Jajczyk, the chef who brought us Whiskey Alley, laid out a fun sampling of his Asian Fusion to great delight by everyone in attendance, while Kiera prepared the perfect drinks for one of our first hot days of the year - Sake Sangria! If you've ever been to Whiskey Alley, you know Chef Chad likes to mix it up, so always pay attention and see what new stuff he is working on. Rumor has it that he may be experimenting with an Korean Style Smoked Meat Loaf. Make a reservation and check out the place for yourself!

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I think this website is Awesome, and the pictures are amazing as well as the description of the bands ! Thank you !

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